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. • 11 unique classes to specialize into! All in pixel 8bit artystyle, each class has its own attack moves and talents to master! Will you max out Idle Gains, or go for Active Bonuses? • 12 unique skills and sub-systems! Unlike most idle games and MMORPG, there are a ton of unique systems!. 2021. 3. 15. · Three of these classes are found in the third fighting area of world one, Valley of the Beans. They are given by doing a quest for Promotheus. This includes Warrior, Mage, and. In Legends of Idleon you play solo. That is an important aspect to know early on, you are only going at the pace that you see fit, up until the future planned group activities are added. The purpose of this guide is to get new players off the ground and on track, ultimately to the start of World 3..
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